~ NEWS ~

9/22/2021 @ 7:57am - Now Running 400 TB Space Pool Plots and 100 TB SOLO Plots.   Were making 110 Plots a day and are going to offer plotting services.  If your looking for plots they will be $2 Each K32/101 Gig and can be downloaded via our Fast Comcast Business Connection or be mailed to you on a hard drive for an additional fee.  Send me an e-mail if interested.  jon@jonscrypto.com

9/20/2021 @ 9:39am - Going to start working on our YouTube Channel.  Subscribe now so you don't miss anything.

9/18/2021 @ 9:33am - Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Servers have returned...

9/18/2021 @ 8:45am - Ok, Game servers are back online and stable.  Might work on getting the WildCat BBS Back online this weekend too.  CHIA is going really well, Were over 450 TB now.  Going to be adding some interactive buttons to the website to make it a little nicer and not so plain.  [ HARDWARE ] is updated with some new machines we picked up thanks to DELL.  I am also going to try to have a better breakdown on the hardware (along with pictures) and Amazon links soon for those people that want to break into the CHIA scene.  Please feel free to Play World Of Warcraft or Unreal Tournament 2004 anytime.  Discord Server has a slight upgrade and FREEFLIX is 100% copied to the new host machine and online.  I will try to add some new movies as I can but I got to admit, I have like ZERO free time...  Enjoy!

9/14/2021 @ 8:23am - CHIA UPDATE:  Were currently making 75-80 New K32 101Gig Plots per day!  That's great.  Hope to get the DELL EMC's online too and bump that up to over 100 K32 Plots per day.  Just added Two more 50Tb Boxes to the network as well.  (10x) 10 TB Hard Drives.  Current Plot Count is 3,542 Plots.    [ FREEFLIX ] is currently being reupladed to our server.  Over 500 DVD Movies available on Demand for FREE.  Enjoy.

9/13/2021 @ 8:29am - Our Unreal Tournament Halloween & Christmas Servers have returned with a new FAST .UZ2 Redirect.  Please enjoy, Frag ya later...  Started to rough-in some SteamCMD areas for future expansion.  Left 4 Dead and others...  Coming Soon.

9/12/2021 @ 7:33am - World Of Warcraft & Unreal Tournament 2004 has come to JonsCrypto!  Enjoy...

9/11/2021 @ 6:30am - Finally got my Six Harvester machines setup and In Position.  Now I just need to connect all the Drives and copy plots around.  Approx 410 TB Online Right now.  Still Plotting and Building more.  [ HARDWARE ] Updated.   Added [ CHIA ] Sub Section...

9/10/2021 @ 8:20am - Chia Blockchain Updated to v1.2.6

9/2/2021 @ 8:41am - Got Two Dedicated Harvesters online yesterday, Just need to copy plots from tons of external drives, UGH!  [ HARDWARE ] Updated, I have two more Harvesters to build yet and We will have to total CHIA PLOT Space over 600 TB.  Also Setting up SHIB on all servers running in the Background.    Going to Knock this thing out of the park soon.   Please feel free to Join our DISCORD or FACEBOOK GROUP.   Pictures of our setup coming soon...

9/1/2021 @ 9:35am - [ HARDWARE ] Updated...
                                   Chia Blockchain Updated to v1.2.5
                                   MADMAX Plotter Updated to v0.1.6
                                   Created JonsCrypto Group on  Facebook
                                   Created  JonsCrypto Discord Server

9/1/2021 @ 9:02am - Under Construction